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Great Events

Great Events - KulturCafeBerlinEvery day we have something special going on. Happy hour every day! Mondays - delicious deserts; Tuesdays - board games and Mexican food; Wednesday - Salsa the night away; Fridays the best local DJ's and live music. Check out our events page for more information.

Great Food

Desayuno QuesoApart from our ever popular Mexican and Pasta nights we have a great year round menu. We like to feature our German specialties but we serve a range of Bolivian and International dishes too.

Great Drinks

coffeeWe pride ourselves on our drinks. Start your day off with a proper cup of coffee, freshly ground, freshly made, locally sourced. Finish it with the best beer in Sucre, we've got Erdinger, BItburger, and other great German beers and a selection of the local brews.